Art Deco Furniture – A Unique Kitchen

Lucy & Ian

Case study

These clients were struggling to find a kitchen that appealed to their tastes. When we went to see them they had a design done that in their words was ok. There tastes were much more exciting than ok and we knew that by digging a little deeper we would be able to create something truly stunning.

Art Deco Furniture – A Unique Kitchen Story

These clients where a married couple that were struggling to find a kitchen that they could settle on for their luxury barn conversion in South Yorkshire. One liked a more traditional looking kitchen whilst the other liked a modern flat white type kitchen. Both agreed that they liked to American Bar in the Savoy hotel in London. After a lengthy conversation and much discussion around this we went away to get a clearer picture of what elements of Art Deco furniture they liked. Due to their busy lifestyles they we unable to put together the necessary mood board so we compiled a large selection of Art Deco images everything from French Art Deco to American. Once we had this we asked them to send back the elements they liked. The mood board you see is the result of this exercise. The following show the process that we took the client through when designing their Art Deco furniture for the kitchen.


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